Hanselman's Newsletter of Wonderful Things: January 17th, 2021

The Roaring 20's begin!

Hi friends!
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Last year kind sucked, and the end of last year was particularly lame. I got off Twitter for a while and discovered TikTok. I went there as a creative outlet. If you choose to sign up you may get inundated with a bunch of stuff that makes no sense or has no relevance. However, within just a few days by searching for an “liking” topics that I wanted to hear about, I found a wonderful, joyful, diverse TikTok and have learned about everything from Sea Shanties to Indigenous Dances to Woodworking. It’s a lovely little community and I’ve enjoyed my week on it.

NOTE: Some of these links go to Tweets or TikToks. If either hassles you to sign up, open the link in Incognito mode. You should be able to view all these links without signing up for a service. Also, if there’s an Amazon link, I’ve added my ref tag.

Here’s some things that have made me laugh or smile since we last spoke.

TikToks are tiny films less than 60 seconds long, similar to Vine if you remember. Here’s some highlights of lovely things on TikTok I’ve found:

Ok, enough TikTok (follow me!) here’s a few other smiles:

A few more fun things:

I hope this little newsletter provided you some value and a little distraction. I appreciate you.